Trust in Our Savior

So what this means is that you’re still stuck with me. I didn’t become a famous photographer yesterday but I did work on my website and spruced up my homepage.

Speaking of being stuck with me, that brings me to another part of the blessing which confirmed the premonitions I was receiving…

In the blessing it said that I would be getting a Monday through Friday job soon. I’ve been having that premonition since May. I had received a gift from my only friend at work. (Don’t worry she’s never divulged your secrets. She’s just a genuinely caring person, whether she knows she’s supposed to hate me like everyone else or not) She gave me the book ‘The Giver.’ And some cute homemade owls.

I’m embarrassed by the books in the background. Obviously I haven’t read ‘The Art of Witty Banter’ or ‘Better Small Talk’ I’ll probably remain awkward for eternity.

In the book ‘The Giver’, it started describing how I felt my management and coworkers were treating me. Watching everything I do.

Then it mentioned this passage about this kid who became an engineer.

I got the distinct feeling that I’d be put in as an engineer. I didn’t know how it would come to fruition but it sounded plausible.

I kept seeing the word “engineer” everywhere and I’d hear it in a lot of the things I watched. It was weird. I even told my brother about it.

I didn’t want to ever mention this especially to the people who are adamantly against me but I was prompted today to do so. When I say to make it right this is what I mean. I won’t accept anything less because this is God’s plan for me and I’ve put my faith and trust in him.

Thank you for reading, I’ll see you tomorrow.

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