Theme/Name Change?

So I actually feel like going out to take photos but the air quality as been so bad lately. Maybe I’ll get a chance to get out soon. I have been basically re-posting things from the ‘Come Follow Me’ app and I feel like I should change the name of my blog because it’s hardly about photography anymore.

I need to reorganize all of my photos as there are over 15,000 of them. I would delete a large portion but a friend of mine told me never to delete them because you might find something in them that you didn’t see before. I’ve found that to be true. My problem is that I have them spread across two computers and three external hard drives. I’m not tech savvy and I am extremely disorganized. I was thinking about trying to organize them and repost some of the highlights but we’ll see. I’d only really be doing that to keep the integrity of my blog name. I was going to say that I’m probably boring you with church stuff, but it’s probably more like, I’d be boring you with photography stuff.

You can comment with what you’d like to see but I hardly ever get comments. If you are commenting and I don’t respond, it’s likely I’m not getting them. I try to respond to everyone who comments. (within reason)

Thanks for reading.

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