I Feel Rebuked ðŸ˜‰

And this kind of thing happens to me a lot lately. Sunday… Easter Sunday, I didn’t go to church and here’s how I justified it; I was sincerely trying to do the right thing, but sometimes it’s hard to know what the right thing is.

My sister had her 50th birthday party on Saturday night (which most of my entire family attended). My other sister and sister-in-law helped clean up as best they could, but there were still a lot of dishes in the sink and other stuff to do. The last party guests stayed until 1:00 am.

My husband has just taken in a 12 year old foster child with Autism as his new full time job. John has been staying with us for three days now, but at the time of the party it had only been overnight and into the next day. My husband is still getting used to the situation as is John. My husband hates there to be dishes in the sink and I knew he’d try to do the dishes as he also tried to watch John. (which can be difficult) I knew the entire situation would be very stressful for him so I decided to stay home and clean up instead of going to church.

At 1:30, John’s parents, who are wonderful people, picked him up for an Easter activity. My son took this as an opportunity to go see the new Fantastic Beasts movie. I didn’t want to go because I already felt guilty for not going to church, but if you know my son, movies are his life. I didn’t know when all three of us would have another opportunity to go see a movie together given our new situation, so I decided to go.

I justified all of this because I thought I was serving others.

Tonight, I decided to catch up on general conference and the first talk I listened to was this:

A Mighty Change of Heart: “I Have Nothing More to Give You”


These messages are indeed for me, for us. ❤️

Thank you for reading.

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