Song of the Day

‘Veronica’ by Elvis Costello is a track that he and Paul McCartney collaborated on. I used to think it was too poppy and made specifically for the radio, but when I heard an interview about what the song was about, I changed my mind about it. The song is about Elvis going to visit his mom who had dementia.

Music, writing, art, and even everyday conversation is up to interpretation. For example the song ‘Watching the Detectives’ is actually about a man watching his girlfriend or wife who is completely transfixed on the detective show she’s watching on television. He’s competing for her attention.

Life is funny that way and if you don’t ask for clarification and/or guidance you could easily misinterpret the intent of the person or artist, etc. That’s why ‘Arrival’ is one of my favorite movies. A friend of mine told me he didn’t like it because he could see the plot twist a mile away. It wasn’t about the plot twist, it was the message they were trying to convey that made it so good… communicate to try to understand the real intent of the person you are having a conflict with. You might be surprised.

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