Song of the Day

So, The English Beat concert was finally rescheduled which I’d take my son to but the venue is 21 and over, fortunately he’ll finally get to see Elvis Costello this year.

I don’t know what it was about these old music videos that he was so drawn to when he was younger, but he loved them. We wanted to take him when Elvis opened for The Police in 2008…but he was four. Yes, he’s loved Elvis Costello since the age of four. He started dressing as Elvis Costello for Halloween for three consecutive years after that. And when he needed glasses we were only able to talk him into it by telling him he could have Elvis Costello glasses.

So I’m happy to say that his first concert was Beck, second Thom Yorke, and third Elvis Costello. At least I’ve done one thing right. 😉

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