It’s Elvis Costello Day

I got into Elvis Costello because my brother borrowed my recorded Oingo Boingo tape and taped ‘Watching the Detectives’ on the end of it. While he was on his mission, I started buying my own CD’s and one of the first was the Best of Elvis Costello and the Attractions. I basically bought it to impress my brother, but when I told him that I bought it, he said that he didn’t really like him that much. Well, by that time I had begun to like Elvis Costello quite a lot.

I think a lot of my personality traits come from spending my childhood trying to impress my older brothers. They’re good guys and impressing them was probably a good pursuit. 😉

This is also a good use of time…

Check out The Best Of The First 10 Years by Elvis Costello on Amazon Music

Elvis was banned from Saturday Night Live for a long time because he started playing the song that was agreed upon but then stopped and said that ‘Radio Radio’ was more appropriate. Lorne Michaels was not happy and banned him.

The song:

And here’s the actual footage:

I love this guy.

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