Today’s App Message #2

Alma 18:36-39 (#199)


How does the knowledge you have of how the plan of salvation fits together (from initial creation all the way through to exultation) influence the moral standards you have set for yourself?


36 Now when Ammon had said these words, he began at the creation of the world, and also the creation of Adam, and told him all the things concerning the fall of man, and rehearsed and laid before him the records and the holy scriptures of the people, which had been spoken by the prophets, even down to the time that their father, Lehi, left Jerusalem.
37 And he also rehearsed unto them (for it was unto the king and to his servants) all the journeyings of their fathers in the wilderness, and all their sufferings with hunger and thirst, and their travail, and so forth.
38 And he also rehearsed unto them concerning the rebellions of Laman and Lemuel, and the sons of Ishmael, yea, all their rebellions did he relate unto them; and he expounded unto them all the records and scriptures from the time that Lehi left Jerusalem down to the present time.
39 But this is not all; for he expounded unto them the plan of redemption, which was prepared from the foundation of the world; and he also made known unto them concerning the coming of Christ, and all the works of the Lord did he make known unto them.

Alma 18:36-39


Those without an eternal perspective, or those who lose sight of it, make their own standards to benefit themselves and their own selfish interests. Their mortal perspective becomes their standard and for some their god.
Ammon taught King Lamoni, who had always lived by the light of his mortality, about God, a divine power higher than the king. The king “supposed that whatsoever [he] did was right.” But Ammon’s example and message touched his heart, and he “began to fear exceedingly, with fear lest he had done wrong.” Ammon then “expounded unto them the plan of redemption.”

Elder Jay E. Jensen

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