Song of the Day

Oh man, I’m totally in full Primus mode now. First it was ‘Frizzle Fry’ then ‘Sailing the Sea’s of Cheese’ for my playlist today.

My husband had his first gallery show in 2002. There were tons of people there and when it was over we looked at the guestbook and Les Claypool’s name was in there. It could have been someone being silly, but of all the famous names, why would someone pick Les Claypool? He does tour here a lot, and I’ve seen Primus twice in concert. In fact, they just came a few months ago where they were doing the whole Rush album ‘Farewell to Kings.’ My brother went with a friend and didn’t invite me. I’m no longer speaking to my brother. Just kidding.

A link to my husband’s gallery show listing in 2002. And since there are a lot of listings I’ll put in a screen shot as well.

Song of the day:

Primus: Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweakers

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