I’m Your Huckleberry

There’s another issue here, other than the blatant corruption by my management. My stalker used a method to try and get me to look guilty by implicating myself. He would like, tweet, and retweet things hinting what he was up to next. He started “liking” posts from an account called ‘I’m your huckleberry.’ He was referring to someone I thought to be a good friend. Shortly thereafter he starting referring to thigh-highs. I knew what my stalker had done and it was confirmed by the look on my friend’s face when I saw him next.

My stalker had sent him my personal photo. I know things were sent to him over the next several weeks. I have maybe a vague idea of what some of it was, but I’m sure it was not good. His friends kept trying to sneak by my area to see if they could catch me in the act. They couldn’t because I could barely text on the flip phone I carried at the time and I wasn’t texting him. I think I had only sent him one or two texts in that entire timeframe. One was to thank him for his insincere text about my photography book and the other was to tell him I didn’t want him to feel obligated to be my friend. I knew he didn’t believe me.

I added him to my ethics investigation so he would be able to offer his evidence without being in trouble himself. He either lied or ethics did what they could to cover it up. Part of that cover up, either on corporate office’s end or on my management’s end, was to offer this friend a much better position so he would keep quiet suppress his evidence. I’m not saying that he won’t be good at this new job, because he will. I can’t think of a better person for the job, but the circumstances in which it was offered I do not agree with.

I don’t blame him really, but it really offended me that I thought he was a friend and he didn’t even once ask me about it and let me defend myself. He just believed the lies. Now the issue becomes; do I allow my stalker to continue to harass me until my company finally succeeds in firing me? In which case I will not be able to keep another job because he will continue this same behavior until he is caught and made to stop. This way, my “friend’s” job will be secure and he won’t be in trouble for aiding a criminal.

Or do I fault all of these people for not heeding my several warnings and press charges? This is tough because I’m trying to follow the Lord’s guidance on this one. I know He loves all of his children. He doesn’t love me more than any of you, but He warns over and over again to keep the commandments. Harassing and bullying a person for ANY reason is wrong. Lying is wrong.

I once told this friend that I pray for him. I used to. I used to pray that he’d believe me and that he’d be protected because I knew the seriousness of his actions if he continued on the path he was on. I gave him the book ‘The Black Swan’ in hopes he’d read it and understand the theme of the book, namely the narrative fallacy and the fact that a lot of the time ‘experts’ are wrong. He was just listening to people he thought were smarter than him. They talked him into a serious crime.

There is other evidence out there and this will catch up with all of you soon. I’ve done what I could to protect you but it is out of my hands now. I’m being instructed to be patient and wait, which was the same guidance I was given as I had to sit and watch, knowing that a person I liked and admired was himself being harassed. He was being filled with hate towards me. It was unbearable, but I had to endure it. I had to take my sister’s advice and “keep my head held high because I know who I am.”

I’m done praying for my enemies. I can’t help that anymore, and I’m tired of coming to work everyday filled with hope. There is hope but not for them, not anymore. I just know God will help me through this somehow. I will trust in Him and His timing. I am resolved to come to work with no expectations and just do my job and leave. I need to stay and so I will.

Thanks for reading.

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