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Moses 7:47


This scripture highlights the important role of our Savior, who was prepared from the “foundation of the world.” As Brother Corbitt explains, during our premortal existence, it was because of our great faith in Jesus Christ that we had the courage to come into this fallen world.
How does knowing of your own great faith in the premortal existence strengthen your faith today?


47 And behold, Enoch saw the day of the coming of the Son of Man, even in the flesh; and his soul rejoiced, saying: The Righteous is lifted up, and the Lamb is slain from the foundation of the world; and through faith I am in the bosom of the Father, and behold, Zion is with me.

Moses 7:47

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What about the enormous power within you? Think of this: you shouted for joy to come to a fallen world where all would face physical and spiritual death. We would never be able to overcome either on our own. We would suffer from not only our own sins but others’ sins too. Humanity would experience virtually every imaginable type of brokenness and disappointment—all with a veil of forgetfulness over our minds and the world’s worst enemy continuing to target and tempt us. All hope for returning resurrected and clean to God’s holy presence rested entirely upon one Being keeping His promise.
What empowered you to go forward? President Henry B. Eyring taught, “It took faith in Jesus Christ to sustain the plan of happiness and Jesus Christ’s place in it when you knew so little of the challenges that you would face in mortality.” When Jesus Christ promised He would come into mortality and give His life to gather and save us, you did not simply believe Him. You “noble spirits” had such “exceedingly great faith” that you saw His promise as sure. He could not lie, so you saw Him as if He had already shed His blood for you, long before He was born.
In John’s symbolic words, you “overcame [Satan] by the blood of the Lamb.” President Dallin H. Oaks taught that in that world “[you] saw the end from the beginning.”

Brother Ahmad S. Corbitt

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