Another Confession

I have more tolerance for murdering, gangster thugs than I do for hypocrites claiming to be good Christians. At least they don’t lie about who they are.

Destroying someone’s life because you made bad choices is very un-Christlike. Lying and gossip is totally fine just as long as you don’t drink coffee. Your justification is that you didn’t ask for this, well neither did I, but I never set out to do anybody harm, and I didn’t. I only tried to protect you and defend myself. You want someone to blame so you blame me? Why don’t you blame my stalker and how about taking responsibility for your own actions. How many times does it talk about secret combinations in the Book of Mormon? This doesn’t apply to you though, you go to church every Sunday and you don’t know what alcohol tastes like. I want to hear this conversation when you are in the judgement seat. I’m sure God will see things your way.

Maybe the law will see things your way too.

Good luck.

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