The Lady Vanishes

I just looked up this podcast because why wouldn’t I, since I’ve become a fan of Malcom Gladwell? This is the only one I’ve listened to thus far. I like how he remains pretty neutral in his politics, while still bringing up what some might consider to be controversial topics.

This was back in 2016, and it mentions Hillary Clinton. I was never a Clinton supporter, just so we’re clear. I was about to write this episode off because I’ve never considered myself a feminist. In most of my past jobs I was the top paid employee at my job level, and I was always highly regarded. I thought a lot of women in the media were exaggerating their experiences with discrimination. I even wrote off some of my experiences at this job as misunderstandings.

I think it’s a little of both to be quite honest. I never wanted to call it discrimination but I see similarities between my experience and what the Australian Prime Minister discusses in this.

This might upset some people, but this is the reality of it.

I highly suggest reading what Malcom Gladwell has to offer and I’ll continue to share his podcast when I see fit.

… and if you don’t like it. You can just stop reading my blog. 😉❤

Check out The Lady Vanishes from Revisionist History on Amazon Music.

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