You Could Be Heroes

You guys are the educated elite and I am an uneducated, blue collar worker. Think about it, if you go to the police about everything you have on me, I’ll go to jail, right?

According to you, I am a low class, lying, gold digging whore, preying on poor defenseless, engineering techs, correct? (He only has a certificate and not a degree)

According to this theory, you have every advantage over me. Why then, do you not turn me in to the police or to ethics? They could prove that I’m lying about taking my own photos, they could also prove that all of the stuff being sent was in fact being sent from my IP addresses, correct?

If I’m lying, this could all be proved easily and you’d be in no danger. Why not do it? You are the brightest minds of our generation. You could be heroes.

Think about it.

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