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Elder Alfred Kyungu


Elder Kyungu invites each of us to “imitate” the Savior Jesus Christ by developing qualities of humility, courage, forgiveness, and sacrifice.
How have you shown Christ-like courage in your own life?
How would you like to further develop this quality?


The second quality of the Savior is courage. When I think of Jesus Christ at the age of 12, sitting in the temple of God among the doctors of the law and teaching them divine things, I note that He already had, very early in His life, a good sense of courage, a particular courage. While most would expect to see the young boy being taught by the doctors of the law, He was teaching them as “they were hearing him, and asking him questions”…
Let us have the courage to do what is right even when it is unpopular—the courage to defend our faith and to act by faith. Let us have the courage to repent daily, the courage to accept God’s will and obey His commandments. Let us have the courage to live righteously and to do what is expected of us in our various responsibilities and positions.

Elder Alfred Kyungu

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