I’m Staying

So, cute story… maybe a year ago, I was talking to the engineering tech, telling him that I was a year overdue of becoming a back-up mechanic. I told him, in my often sarcastic joking way, that as soon as they put me in as back up that I’d quit and find a better job under the new job title. I was mostly kidding, but after I sent Mr. Connecticut an email inquiring about my overdue raise and job title, they put me in at a higher wage but a lesser job title. I was irritated but I figured the joke was on them, I’d just do the job of my lesser job title with the raise. No skin off my nose.

Finally after two and a half years of trying to be put in as a back up mechanic, I was given the job title. Why now, I wonder? Maybe they think that I’ll quit for a better company as I stated to the engineering tech? (who is a total “yes man” to Mr. Connecticut)

Answer: you had a much better chance of getting rid of me a year and a half ago when you were withholding my job title.

I already stated my position in this, I’m staying. I won’t say it again.

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