Spiral Jetty

We went to the Spiral Jetty after being pent up for a couple of weeks. My son turned 18 last week and we spent the time watching all of the Daniel Craig James Bond movies. It was a good time, but it was nice to get out in the fresh air. We went to Graywhale where I saw that Radiohead put out a KID A MNESIA album, which is Kid A and Amnesiac combined with the B-sides from that time period. Some of the songs on Kid A also appear on Amnesiac, and I think they originally wanted the albums to be combined. I went home and grabbed some LPs that I didn’t listen to anymore, ended up with a $50 credit, and ordered my copy.

Here are the photos from the Jetty:

I always thought it was tacky to do selfies in front of landmarks, because what are you really there for, to tell your Instagram followers that you went somewhere? I also do not like advertising the car I drive or anything else I possess. I always hated Facebook and Instagram where half a person’s feed is about what they own. Who cares? And I can tell you right now that any of you could go to the same places I go. Most of the places I go are free, so the thought of somebody even considering that I fake going to these places is pretty laughable. Out of necessity, I have decided to start taking a photo of my car at the places I go, so there is proof that, yes, I was there and these are in fact my photos. Pretty stupid and silly, but there you go.

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