Staging a Coup, Perhaps?

I’ve had a couple of revelatory dreams, which I might tell you at a later date but let me tell you about two dreams featuring a member of management who moved to Connecticut, and maybe you can tell me whether they’re revelatory or not.

The first one, he was sitting cross legged in front of me and our knees were touching. His lip was bleeding as if he’d just gotten punched in the face. He was talking to me like he was happy to see me and excited that we were conversing that way.

The second one was where he was desperately trying to fix something for me.

When he transferred, I figured these were just dreams, but I kept getting the nagging feeling like maybe it was his intention of coming back after the investigation was over. Then Mr. “S” quit and I had that same feeling.

Maybe they thought I’d drop it after the investigation was over and I’d quit, especially if they were no longer with the company or elsewhere. Then the thought occurred to me that maybe that’s why the new guard is still pursuing it, because the old guard has every intention of taking their rightful place.

Or perhaps it was only a dream, time will tell.

I’m staying, I have to.

Thanks for reading.

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