You know, I had hope that with new leadership that there would be change. This is a new opportunity to start fresh and make good choices. You have the opportunity to do something great but you choose oppression instead.

I’ve had a few employees come to me about their grievances, and a few come to me for job advice. The ones with grievances, I’ve told them that nothing will change unless you speak up. The ones who come to me for advice, I give them the advice my successful older brother gave me. He said not to be loyal to any company because they won’t be loyal to you. He goes where the best offers are. I have told many co- workers (and many have told me) that there are much better offers out there in this job market. I tell them they are sure to find something better.

I will continue to give this advice until management proves me wrong. They have an opportunity to make things right, not only for me but for all of their employees. Go to ethics when it’s warranted. Don’t do things your way because you think your way is best. There are reasons these programs are in place. They prevent you from breaking the law and when used correctly, they protect you as employers as well as the person being harassed. Think about if you’d have gone to ethics in the first place instead of distributing illegal material around the whole workplace. You would have saved a lot of stress and we wouldn’t be in the position we are in now.

I know I have to stay, and I will, even if I’m the last employee in the entire building. I know there are better companies to work for, but I can’t leave and I don’t care if you believe my reasons for it or not.

As I’ve stated before, you leave me alone and I will leave you alone. I just want peace and the assurance that I will not be retaliated against anymore. I will be your biggest advocate if you have a change of heart and make peace. Everyone in the entire building will thank you for it. I can see the stress in their faces. This affects everyone. It really doesn’t matter who’s right and who’s wrong, that will be sorted out in its own time.

I have no intentions of pursuing this further unless I’m forced to.

Please don’t force me to.

Thanks for reading.

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