This Happens to Me a Lot

I’m at Graywhale CD Exchange in Taylorsville, the same Graywhale I visited as a high-school kid, selling the first CD I ever bought: Rolling Stones Hot Rocks (anthology). Which of course, I regretted and now have on vinyl.

I’m looking through the used books and I find ‘Flirting With Disaster’, which happens to be a title of a Ben Stiller movie that we’ve been talking about in my household in the last couple of weeks. I look at the back and it mentions ‘The Black Swan.’ I think “there are too many coincidences here, this is the book I need to read next.” Judging by the introduction, I get the feeling I won’t be disappointed.

This happens to me a lot lately.

Next I’ll read ‘Blink.’ I was interested already because I read ‘David and Goliath’ by the same author a few months back. It’s a great one as well.

Thanks for reading, and hey, let’s start a book club. 😉

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