Be Thou Humble

This has been a hard one for me lately. I’ve been focused on pointing the finger and trying to convince my persecutors that they’re wrong. But it turns out I’m wrong too. It’s hard when you feel like you’re wasting your breath. Sometimes I feel like it’s better if I “speak their language.” That maybe they won’t understand me or they won’t believe my sincerity if I preach mercy and forgiveness. I feel sometimes that I’ve got to be tough or nobody will listen.

The thing is that I know God is with me and I’m not afraid. I know what he wants me to do, which is be kind and forgive. Turn the other cheek, which I intend to do. It doesn’t negate the counsel I’ve been given about being wise and protecting myself, but I’ll watch how I do it. Peaceful protest. Humility.

Be Thou Humble

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