Wishful Thinking

So, cute story. I called out of work yesterday and did my usual method. I usually get a reply within an hour or so. I did not get a response at all yesterday.

Then when I came in today, everyone acted surprised that I was there. Weird because I told them three times that I was indeed coming in.

Sounds like wishful thinking to me.

Maybe they think that not responding to my texts is going to make me quit? Do you follow this logic?

Or maybe they think by once again providing a “private” room for my next therapy session in the same conference room in the lobby, right next to the front door will do it? Hardly. What I will do is position myself in the room and possibly give the therapist a tour so she can see just how private my room is. I told you I have a sense of humor.

My brother is a lawyer and it’s funny the advice I get from him. He said “be a thorn in their side.” I think I’ve got this one down. I’ll just continue to make their lives difficult. And see, it’s not revenge it’s just responding to their inability to do the right thing.

They’ve got two options: try firing me and see what happens or be decent human beings and do the right thing.

No big deal, I can do this forever. I like making them look foolish and I’ve gotten pretty good at it.

Good night and thanks for reading.

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