This is Why I’m Here

I came across this episode of ‘All In’ and I’ve got to tell you that what is discussed in it is why I’m here. I would’ve shut my blog down a year ago if it wasn’t for this purpose. I was a deist, I thought God did not intervene, but I know now that women hold preisthood power and that God knows us and loves us individually. In this, they talk about going to the temple and understanding your covenants with God. I’m working towards getting my endowments taken out. I’d never done that when I was younger because I didn’t go on a mission and I was never married in the temple. I never really saw it as a privilege, even at the start of my journey going back to church, but I feel like I understand it a little better now. It is a privilege, just as wearing the garments that are often the brunt of jokes is a privilege.

Listen to this podcast. I am not articulate and I can see why people often underestimate me, but this woman is brilliant and succinct.

Check out Barbara Morgan Gardner: How Women (and Men) Misunderstand the Priesthood + What We Can Do About It from All In on Amazon Music.–WHAT-WE-CAN-DO-ABOUT-IT?ref=dm_sh_jPmaKBCc2rrKeklYmvxegFCaG

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