Old Habits

After I gave some of my books out as Christmas gifts, the response wasn’t what I had expected. I could tell it was something not only talked about when I wasn’t around but that they didn’t believe I took the photographs myself. My first thought was that it was really quite funny. I thought that if I were stealing other people’s photographs and trying to pass them off as my own, that I would choose MUCH better photographs than mine. Self esteem boost, I guess. But what it has done now is given me anxiety about the thing I loved to do most. When my son wanted me to take him to the Spiral Jetty earlier this week, I had to talk myself into doing it for a few days. I finally was set on it and we were ready to go but we were prevented from going for reasons I won’t talk about. Unfortunately part of me was relieved.

I promised my son a trip out to the Salt Air area instead which I fought against all day yesterday. We finally made it. My son wanted to use his new video camera and set it up on my old tripod. It was slim pickings as to something to take a video of. The water table is very low, the lowest I’ve seen. Perfect for my type of photograph but not for his video debut. We didn’t stay long. I felt terrible for fighting it the whole day. I enjoyed myself and it gave me the peace I am used to feeling when I go out there. Hopefully I can remember that for next time.

I didn’t take many photos and I have a few from my trip to Moab last month, very few. So here they are, and I don’t care if you believe that I took them or not.

And yesterday’s trip

One thought on “Old Habits

  1. Way to make yourself move! I have the same problem and I don’t care if people think they’re yours or not either. 🤪
    I love them, keep taking them, and enjoy yourself.
    The Great Salt Lake is comforting, it’s beautiful especially at sunset, it’s a great reward for making it through the day, and reminds me of mom, you and Sam ❤️ and now Spencer ❤️ That trip was fun.

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