Speaking of How and When

These are just two of the many messages that the Ethics department has on file from my investigation. He hasn’t stopped, nor will he stop until he chooses to of his own free will. (if he chooses to see his worth and the worth of all souls in the eyes of God). If he doesn’t then I’ll have to turn it over to the law instead. I need to have my life back and I will get it how God sees fit.

8 thoughts on “Speaking of How and When

  1. I’m sorry you are still having to deal with this. I’m glad that you have faith that God has your back. Whatever you do, never harden your heart.
    Keep holding your head high. You know who you are.
    Keep being an example, you never know who is watching.
    We just got through 3rd Nephi. I would recommend reading it.
    Stay strong, my beautiful sister 💗

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    • One of the things that has helped me through all of this is when you said those exact words almost exactly two years ago “keep your head held high, you know who you are”. You’re the best sister I ever could have asked for. (besides our dear sister Heather) Thank you for helping me get through this. I love you so much. ❤


  2. Anything I can do, I will.
    I have to say that it’s the wisdom I have received through years of abuse from others. Not to bother myself with others actions, because we all will answer to Jesus Christ.
    I love you too lil sister! ❤️♾️

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