Did I say I hated taking Portraits?

I might still hate it, but this was so fun! I was asked to take photos of my sister’s best friend’s daughter for her graduation photos. I reluctantly said yes, on the condition that I wasn’t responsible for posing anybody. I always respond immediately with “I don’t take photos of people,” whenever I am asked. She said something that gave me a little bit of inspiration. She said “We just want your landscapes but with my daughter in them.” So that is how I treated this for the most part. I did find that the motel in Delle was completely demolished. I wanted to take some photos of her in front of some of the cool graffiti in there, but we made it work anyway. She was such a good sport, cutting herself a little bit on broken glass all for the ‘sake of art.’ 😉

Here are a few of the 344 photos I took that day. First, here is the demolished motel and a couple of other non-portrait, photos.

…and the portraits…although, I can’t take credit for the door. My awesome sister came up with that brilliant idea. I had a great team helping me out. ❤

This time I had my own photographer following me around. My husband managed to get me looking like I actually know what I am doing.

4 thoughts on “Did I say I hated taking Portraits?

  1. Found your blog. You are truly talented my dear, and we All had a blast! My daughter will not only have these beautiful photos, but also the memories we made helping you create them. I am forever grateful.

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    • It was so fun and your daughter is Amazing. I love her to death. She made it so easy for me. I loved all of your input and wardrobe choices. It worked out perfectly even though we didn’t make it back to the bus in Delle… next time. 😉


  2. Thank you so much for agreeing to do it, when I knew you didn’t want too for the reasons listed above.
    I’m glad Mike was there. He captured the day in a way that could only be done through another lens. I love that he caught you in action doing one of the things you love to do so much. It truly was a team effort. I know that Kyra and Chari had a great time too. Seeinf the three of them together (grandmother, daughter & granddaughter) was precious. Definitely a day to remember. You & Mike are so cute together. I had such a good time driving around with you two. Thank Mike again for agreeing to share you on your date night.

    Oh, & from my earliest memories you have always been my BF. I love you sister!


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