I went to Delle yesterday and visited my abandoned motel and old hollowed out bus. I had never visited them in the snow before and I love the smooth texture and minimalist shots you can get in it. I also went to the Tree of Life sculpture but it was grey out. The salt flats were a murky beige color. It was pretty foggy so the mountains in the distance were not visible. Pretty uneventful but the shots I got in Delle were well worth the trip.

I listened to Depeche Mode, Oingo Boingo and U2 on my four hour round trip drive. U2 used to be my favorite band and some of their songs are so good, even if Bono has gotten a little comical in the last decade or two. I saw a tweet at the beginning of the pandemic that made me laugh. It said something like “Bono is trying to find a vaccine for Covid-19. Is that really a good idea? He doesn’t have the greatest track record for finding what he’s looking for.”

But you can’t tell me that this song isn’t great: Running to Stand Still-

Achtung Baby was the first album I’d heard of theirs and I was hooked. War and Joshua Tree are excellent as well. I love the ‘Helter Skelter’ and ‘All Along the Watchtower’ covers From Rattle and Hum. I never really got into The Unforgettable Fire, but ‘Bad’ is one of their best songs. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is do not discount U2 because they are getting silly in their old age. They’ve put out some of the greatest songs of my generation. There, I said it. 🙂

I have four rolls of film to develop, two have been sitting in my camera for quite a while and I have no idea what is on them, nor do I know if the roll I was finishing was black and white or in color. Yay, I love surprises. I will be posting results in a couple of weeks.

Without further ado, Delle and the Tree of Life:

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