This Year

Look what we found today! We like to plan little “adventures” around the state of Utah, but every July we go on a big adventure. The first year we did it, we road tripped to San Francisco and the Redwoods using the old Highway 50 instead of the interstate. The next year we took a train to Chicago for G-fest, 2019 was a trip to central and more southern California including San Juan Capistrano and the Sequoias. Last year we didn’t go anywhere due to Covid, but I’m hoping this year we can go somewhere to make up for it. We were thinking either Devil’s Tower and Mt. Rushmore or going back east to visit my brother. I am leaning towards going back east, but we will see. I will be looking forward to new things to experience and photograph. Until then, I’m hoping to get motivated to do any of it. I have film to develop and film to shoot and a digital camera that is fully charged. Maybe next weekend I’ll have something new to show.

Thank you all for reading.

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