The Sea of Holes

My son used to watch The Yellow Submarine over and over for months at a time when he was younger, so when it came time to pick a theme for his bedroom, naturally I chose The Yellow Submarine and painted it onto his wall. I figured it was something he could grow up with. He is now 17 and I asked him if he wanted me to paint over his Yellow Submarine. His answer was an adamant “no.” He said “we could paint the background blue?” I said “hey, how about painting the sea of holes?” He was all for it and excited about it, so much so, we had to watch the movie to kick off our project. Four days later and it is now complete. While in the process I kept kicking myself for suggesting the sea of holes, but now that it is done, I’m glad we chose it. My son keeps commenting how much he likes it. My favorite part though, is his painting gallery. He is in AP Studio Art this year and one of his paintings is going to be highlighted in the yearbook. I like having his paintings all hung up. His shop teacher made a frame for one of pieces, he is very fortunate to have great teachers.

This is what his wall has looked like for at least 9 years-

Here’s the completed project:

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