Some Decisions for the New Year

I’m trying to decide whether I keep my blog going into the new year. It’s been forever since I took any new photos. It’s been so smoggy and I don’t go anywhere due to covid. I used to have a lot more interaction when I was on other forms of social media which motivated me to keep producing new work. I don’t regret my decision to leave that behind however. I’m just not sure if maintaining a blog is of any value anymore. I’ll decide in the next few weeks.

I have decided on a format for my polaroid project. Hopefully I can get started on that soon. I hinted at another project that I was working on in my last post. Most people won’t see it in its completion. I wanted to post a video because I’m pretty proud of it, but since some of my followers will be the recipients of this thing, I will wait until after I’ve given them away. I mention this because I think I will use a similar format for my polaroid project. I feel there are many pieces missing. For those of you who don’t know, my polaroid project is centered around my mother. I wanted to honour her memory, or at least my memories of her, through my photography. It doesn’t make for a very exciting book and it would be very short, so I will be asking my family members to contribute any polaroids they have from that time. I keep telling my dad that the only gift he ever needs to give me, the only one which would be of value to me, is if he let me go through his photographs and have them scanned. I’ve got a lot that my brothers and sisters have scanned over the years, but I know some of the ones I love are missing. For instance, there is one of a birds eye view of me playing with a friend and I’ve got a big wad of pink bubble gum stuck in my hair. My sister and I joke about how my mom was the original selfie taker. I know we’ve got a few of her polaroid selfies hanging around somewhere. It would be fun to make a compilation of all of this stuff. That’ll be next year’s big project. 🙂

Anyway, I hope you are all having a nice holiday season, thank you for reading.

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