It Might Not be Fun to Other People but it was Fun for Me

I was sitting with a small group at lunch one day, and a girl at the table was asked “did you do anything fun this weekend?” She replied, “It might not be fun to other people but it was fun for me. I went to my son’s soccer game.” I was impressed by her response, there was no pressure for her to be what somebody else wanted her to be. Of course this is the type of thing I like to talk about, so we did for the rest of our lunch break. I identify with this because as I always say, anybody going with me on my ‘adventures’ would be bored to tears.

So, my film came back from my new (to me) Olympus OM-1 and the results aren’t great, but mainly from my black and white outdoor shots. My color shots turned out pretty good, I think. I’m going to have to stop considering myself a hobbiest and get myself a light meter. I’m also going to have to start writing down my exposures for each frame to see how my camera functions. I learned these things in school but I’m too lazy to apply them, plus as a hobbiest, it doesn’t really matter anyway. 😉

Here are my 120mm shots from Wales:

35mm from Eureka:

And some more in color:

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