Well, That Was an Adventure

We went to Eureka and found a house that I didn’t remember seeing before. It had obviously been abandoned, with broken windows the door wide open, but the thing that made it seem sort of alive was the way the sunlight was pouring into the house and the way the wind was blowing the curtains as if it were breathing. I was scared as I approached it. There was a swastika painted next to the window with a peace sign painted over it and the word “LOVE” underneath. I knocked on the door and yelled “hello?” There was a hide-a-bed unfolded in the living room and it sort of had a peaceful look, like somebody was enjoying the afternoon breeze. which made the overturned mattress and broken windows seem even more foreboding. As I started to cross the threshold, my son yelled “MOM!” I jumped. I turned around to let him know that it was okay. It was off the main road and I didn’t see anybody inside the house.

I was trying out color film in my new Olympus OM-1. My fear turned to excitement at all the beautiful light and shadows in the room. I hope these turn out because what I’m imagining is going to be pretty cool. Fingers crossed. So for now here are the digital images along with some of the other photos I got of the town.


3 thoughts on “Well, That Was an Adventure

  1. Great shots and same goes for the previous 3 posts. Hope you are surviving the current madness that has gripped this world. (As if it wasn’t bad enough before?)

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