Productive Procrastination

We went to the Spiral Jetty yesterday, and instead of the usual 6 cars parked out there, the lot was full. That isn’t saying much because the lot is pretty small, but everyone seemed to have the same idea. I didn’t know that that many Utahns even knew about the place. I saw a hipster guy toting a polaroid camera, which I was tempted to do, but I decided to keep that format specifically for my Polaroid project, which I will continue at a later date. I finished my roll of 120 and shot another roll. I’ve now got 4 rolls ready for the developer.

That is what I’ve been doing instead of this:

I’ve also been trying to get my son organised so he can keep up with his school work without the help of his regular class structure. I have to say that I’m pretty lucky because I haven’t had to make many changes to my regular lifestyle, social distancing is kind of the norm for me. I am kind of struggling with whether I’ve chosen the right career path, I’ve always wanted to go into social work but could never see how I could afford to do it given the amount of education required compared to the social worker’s salary. I’d be paying student loans for the rest of my life. Doing this program has pointed me in the right direction though. I’m going to complete this program, and who knows what’ll happen in the future.

Here are the few digital photos from this trip:

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