My Lake (Yes, Again)

I wasn’t really serious about writing this blog being a warm-up for my technical writing assignments, but I’ve kind of found this to be true. I’ve edited yet another set of Great Salt Lake photos and a set of Spiral Jetty photos. They are definitely still in my early days, maybe 2 years ago. I sometimes hate this process, but I can see all of the mistakes I was making back then, that I might still make now, but not as frequently. This process of going back through all of my old photos is great learning tool, and I apologise if it gets a little boring. I enjoy it, I guess that’s what matters.

I wish I could describe to you how I’m feeling right now. The Spiral Jetty always reminds me of a good friend. He asked me if I wanted to exchange prints, and he chose a photo of the downtown library. This was 3 years ago, maybe. I was so new to photography that the fact that a professional photographer wanted one of my prints was a little overwhelming. He told me to go through his photos and choose one that I wanted, and as I was going through them, I started to cry. I couldn’t believe that somebody as good as he is was even talking to me, let alone wanted one of my prints. Now, he never showed me if he hung it on the wall or not, but if he did, I’ve got one of my photos hanging in Massachusetts. I’m not holding my breath on that one though. He went to college in Montana and at one time lived in Tahoe. He used to drive on I-80, so I liked to talk about my adventures in Wendover, which I’ll get to another time. 😉 He even knew about, and had driven on Highway 50. I think this is why we hit it off. He told me about the Spiral Jetty and so whenever I make it out there, I think of him.

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