Now that I’ve “mastered” 😉 soldering, I have an option of just being on break from school for winter break or try to get ahead by starting on my technical writing class. My problem is that reading about writing is so damn boring. I started on it last night and I had to do a writing assignment and in the instructions it says to read the first chapter then do the activity, but my activity says now to also read chapter’s 8, 9, and 10. I fell asleep within an hour. So here I am procrastinating and warming myself up by writing. I thought it was funny in the introduction to this course, it said that I’d be writing objectively rather than emotionally. I’m thinking, “do I really take myself seriously enough for this?” This is going to take a lot of work. 😉

I decided to do a little bit of editing, I have some photos I shot the other day, but I got there too late to make it before sundown, so I only got three “good” shots. It was good though because it was more of a scouting trip. I had never been to this part of the Great Salt Lake and I see potential, especially after snowfall. I edited another uninteresting set of photos as well, and they are so uninteresting that I forgot what they were already, so what I will be posting are photos from my very first train ride to Glenwood Springs, CO.

I seem to have had a thing for benches and chairs this trip, but it makes sense given the fact that I used to love furniture so much that I bought my first dining table at 18 years old from the Bombay Company, and I ended up working there a year or so later. I worked in furniture retail for over 15 years. That is also why it is so strange that I keep finding random pieces of furniture in strange places or maybe not even strange places, they’re the places I go most frequently.

Amtrak ride to Glenwood Springs, CO.

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