“The Sun is New Each Day”

I bought this ‘Innovative Whack Pack’ as a gift for a friend and I think I’m going to use it. The first one I picked up says:

“Think again-Life continually surprises us. Problems spring up in places that were trouble-free only just yesterday. Opportunities suddenly arise in long stagnant arenas. Routines that yielded predictable results stop working. Heraclitus reminds us that nothing is permanent and we shouldn’t become slaves to our assumptions. We should also remember like the sun in Heraclitus’ epigram’, our own state of mind is also continually changing. Some days you may be alert and lucid, while others you may be angry or mentally exhausted. Sometimes you’re optimistic about what’s just around the corner, and sometimes you’re filled with melancholy about the past. All of these different states of mind “color” the way you think about the problems and opportunities before you.”

I’ve been reflecting on this past year and that paragraph just about sums it up. I was thinking that even though it was a really tough year, that it’s probably been the best year of my life. It’s like I got a “swift kick to the head” like “Shockabuku-
A swift, spiritual kick to the head that alters your reality forever,” as mentioned in Grosse Point Blank. 😉

I started school on Monday and I’m doing really well so far, well, after the initial shock of returning after a 20 year hiatus, that is. I started at a weird time so after next week it’ll be winter break, which means I can try and use up my 10 rolls of film and try out my new ultra-wide angle lens. I probably won’t be posting much until then.

Thank you for reading. Until next time. 💛

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