First Set of Medium Format in a While

My rolls have been developed and I’ve got 5(ish) more rolls to go through. I don’t think I’ll be doing too many rolls of color film until I get a little better at it because the film is expensive, but still fun.

I still have a little trouble remembering to advance the film, resulting in double exposures…😏

2 thoughts on “First Set of Medium Format in a While

  1. Looking at your recent landscape postings reminded me of a photo excursion in the early 1980s. I was asked to help put together a fundraising proposal for a veterans group looking to establish a memorial cemetery near Point of the Mountain (?). Using a borrowed Hasselblad, I went out to the proposed site to wait for sunrise. It was cold. Until I started following you and seeing your landscape photos I had pretty much forgotten all about it. Checking Google Maps I see there is now Utah Veterans Cemetery and Memorial in Bluffdale, right at that spot, and it opened in 1990! I must have played a small part in that, and those photos must have helped! Thanks for the memories, Bethene

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