Speaking of Tedious

I haven’t been into this photography thing at all since I got back from Portland. I started my editing process again but it brought me to another set of Capitol Reef photos, which is fine but I feel like I do the same things over and over again. I am conflicted about that though because most of my best photographs are from my 3rd or 4th visit to some of these places, so I can’t stop doing it. I think I’m learning and progressing, but it gets tedious sometimes. Speaking of tedious, we went to Ogden again, this time was to go to the antique store that was closed the last time we were there. I love antique stores but I have a lot of other things to focus on now. However, I wanted to give my son an option of going somewhere so he wasn’t stuck in the house all weekend.

I met with my academic advisor to start school on the spring and he said I have a good chance at a scholarship that would pay for the entire program I’ll be going into. He also said I wouldn’t have to change my work schedule. I am almost disappointed by that. I like the people that I work with and I like to try and do my part to make it a better place but I wish I could just blend into the background. I try to not let things affect me, but it gets to be too much sometimes. I feel like I’m Truman in the Truman Show, where everyone knows what is going on in the background except me. I don’t like the attention. I am fulfilled by people appreciating my photos, and I only started this blog (kind of) out of desperation, I didn’t know what else to do. I never asked for attention, I’ve only ever asked for respect. I’m not sure that it’s working out that way. I guess I’ll just have to give it time. I have other things I need to focus on and hopefully it’ll clear my mind of all of this, or at least push it to the far corners of my memory.

Speaking of the far corners of my memory, I found two items at the antique store that my step-mother had growing up.

And here are the other antique outing photos:

2 thoughts on “Speaking of Tedious

  1. Sweet sister you have my love and respect. However, I know what you mean and sometimes we are our worst critics. I think we may over think things. I know, for me at least, I have to tell myself that people are stuck in their own heads dealing with their own shiz. Your work is beautiful. Keep trying to make the world around you a better place. Even when you don’t think anyone notices. Your energy does extend out all around you and you never know who it affects. Use your power for good and try not to doubt yourself. I’m so proud of you. Keep fighting the good fight. 😍

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