Polaroid Project

I was talking to a friend about a project I wanted to do involving memories of my mom including the elementary school she worked at and I couldn’t see the project working in digital or 35mm formats. I wanted something dreamlike because some of my memories are faded. She died in May of ‘86, a month before my 7th birthday. I thought maybe double exposure, which could still work, but I realized that Polaroids would be perfect. We used the Polaroid Sun 660 when I was growing up and most of my childhood photos are in that format. I found the camera online and bought it as a 40th birthday present, which is also fitting, but I won’t go into that.

This was my first trip out and I won’t explain the significance of the things I’m photographing until the project is complete. Also, not everything is related to it, but I was having fun using the new (to me) camera. There were odd moments when ABBA and Kool and the Gang played on the radio station which happened to be my mother’s favorites. I remember dancing in the living room with her to ‘Celebrate’.

It was a good day, and a much needed day to myself. I stopped in Delle where they were selling bumper stickers that read “Delle Population 1+ whoever is in the parking lot.” I made my way out to Wendover, where I turned around and started driving back as soon as I got there.

And I can’t even believe what I found at the salt flats…a dining chair. I swear someone is putting this stuff in these places for me to find. It’s the only logical explanation. 😉

Here are the photos from my Sony:

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